If you’re an adult creator looking to sell access to porn videos, sexy audio, spicy pictures, or go live then you might fall in love with LoyalFans. LoyalFans pays 80% on subscriptions, live streaming, video store sales, and messaging which is much higher than many competitors! You can additionally earn extra income by referring fans!

Premium Fanclub Subscriptions

Loyalfans aims to create a unique fan experience by offering a complete, one-stop platform that starts with a subscription service to a timeline that blends free, follower, and paid content.  While the timeline and subscription are the initial focus of the site, these are just a springboard opportunity to other unique fan experiences.

Models can offer, for instance, a more affordable subscription, and then offer premium perks. Or, models can make the subscription itself the premium item and create a robust timeline that could rival a subscription site.

The timeline itself consists of three main components:

  • Public posts — free posting just to use as an introduction
  • Follower Posts — still free, but building a fanbase of people you can DM later
  • Subscriber Posts — subscribers get access to the timeline for a full 30 days

*There’s also an ability to buy the posts a-la-cart.

By building an engaging timeline, models are able to draw fans into a subscription. There are also other perks the site has to offer:

Paid Private Messaging

While the timeline and subscription is the heart of the site, the paid private messaging is definitely the soul of the site. Global pricing for messaging allows creators to earn money per message, sending locked content and building rapport with fans in a safe, fun environment. Special features include recording audio files on the fly, sending pictures/videos (both locked and unlocked), and changing the price for individual users on the fly. Creators may raise or lower the price depending on fan interactions.

Going Live / Camming

Camming on Loyalfans is easy and gives some great options to the creator. Much like the timeline itself, creators can either go live to the public, go to followers, and when the time is right go to subscriber-only shows. Options for goal shows, tipping, and private shows are just the beginning. Creators can also choose to record shows, which can be downloaded and/or uploaded to their timeline.

1-on-1 Video Call

Creators can also make themselves available for a live 1-on-1 video call with their fans. This pay-per-minute feature has become a fan favorite because they can have intimate interactions with their favorite models.

Video Store

Loyalfans has a full-featured video store offering one of the highest percentage rates online.

Shout Outs

Want to give your fans a personalized birthday wish, pep talk, or some other special occasion? That’s what Loyalfans’ Shout Outs are. Think Cameo, but with sexiness permitted.  This is a great way to monetize by allowing fans to request a short customizable shout out.

Model Directory

Loyalfans has an active directory that includes recently updated, popular models, models available for 1-on-1 calls, live models, and new models. Models will get free exposure on fan pages by the suggested models, live call models, and live model feature that appears on all the pages.

More Loyalfans Features

Promo Tools: Widgets and Auto-Tweeting

Loyalfans offers a number of promotional tools built directly into the platform. The first one is a widget builder. You can generate a code snippet and place it into a sidebar or other locations in the website to promote websites or blogs. Loyalfans also supports an auto-tweeting tool. Sync your Twitter account to automatically tweet out promotional tweets.

Promotional Opportunities

Twitter, Instagram, Blog, and Youtube — If you are an active creator on the site, expect to get regular shoutouts, on all our social media platforms. Loyalfans takes pride in promoting the sex workers that help to shape the site and its unique identity on the internet.

Loyalfans Referral / Affiliate Program

Loyalfans offers an affiliate program that is available for performers. If you’re an affiliate interested in promoting the platform, simply register a performer account and treat it like an affiliate account. The Loyalfans affiliate program offers a 5% revshare on all referred member purchases, as well as a 5% revshare on all referred performer earnings. Currently the only promotional tool is linking codes. The default code hits the profile page, but the tracking parameters can be added to any url.

Ready to take the leap?

Join LoyalFans to start selling access to your content through subscription or pay-per-clip and take advantage of their amazing features! Signup for LoyalFans now.

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