MyMemberSite is a feature rich CMS website builder that enables creators to have their own website which hosts their video content, photosets, and a storefront where you can offer items within monthly subscriptions and for sale individually. You can customize your own personal website and connect it to a domain or utilize the domain that MyMemberSite provides in order to offer a membership option to your fans that are looking to pay monthly for access to your content. In addition to the ability to offer videos and photos under the subscription model there is also a story feature which is similar to the “Snapchat” style short video or selfie content which you can set to stay visible forever or automatically delete after 24 hours. This platform is perfect for established models that are looking for a dedicated and branded “home base” to drive their loyal fans to.

MyMemberSite Requirements and Features

In order to get started on MyMemberSite you’ll need a government issued photo ID to go through the verification process on the platform. You’ll also need a bank account to receive your payments once you are approved! The main money maker on MyMemberSite is memberships; you’ll want to ensure you have a library of content to offer for your fans to entice them to subscribe to your page. Make sure to utilize all of the amazing features of MyMemberSite in order to make the most money possible! There are a lot of features available:

  • Camming: You can stream on MyMemberSite to your subscribers only or you can stream to anyone who views your site! Every time you create a live stream you’ll get the opportunity to enable certain chat and stream settings for your site visitors based on their membership status. You can set a tip goal or just go live without setting a goal.
  • Stories: You can post video or photo stories and allow them to stay up forever or automatically delete after 24 hours. This feature does not have a camera with filters like Snapchat or Instagram but you can record within those apps and save it to post from your camera roll to your stories.
  • Videos: You can upload videos to the platform and offer them as part of your membership and for sale individually.
  • Photosets: You can list photos in albums that are available as part of your membership and for sale individually.
  • Store: You can sell digital items or physically mailed items within your storefront as long as they adhere to the terms of service of the site!
  • Vault: The vault is the home of your photos and videos that you can send out with the messaging system, you can utilize this to charge for pay-per-view content within messages.
  • Chat/Messaging: Your messaging system will be the most efficient way to communicate with your subscribers! You can send messages to everyone including pay-per-view messages and you can automatically message when you post new content for your members. You can also charge fans to send photo/video messages to you!

Other Ways to Earn Money on MyMemberSite

MyMemberSite also offers a referral program for models that allows you to earn 25% of what your referred friends earn! This caps at $500 bi-weekly per referral but the deal lasts for lifetime and you’ll also get a bump to your own earnings percentage when you have models that you refer who consistently perform well. You can earn an additional 1% to your own payout (capped at 95%) for each model who earns the $500 bi-weekly referral amount. The MyMemberSite logo in the bottom of your page also acts as a referral link so if creators sign up after viewing your site and clicking the logo then you’ll be rewarded with the same referral benefits.

Get Started with MyMemberSite

If you are ready to start your own dedicated and branded website where fans can access your videos, photos, cam shows, and more… then sign up for MyMemberSite! It is the perfect alternative to OnlyFans for models looking to offer the same great benefits of a fanclub with the optimized and branded features of a CMS platform.

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