When you get started on webcam you’re going to get a lot of fun and interesting requests and while you can totally start camming without any sex toys; there are a few sex toys that will make your shows more realistic and more likely to convert fans into paying customers! There are amazing sex toy options in every price range for webcam models starting out or seasoned models looking to spice up their shows with more variety in toys. Here are our suggestions for simple toys every adult webcam models should have on deck for shows!

A Realistic Dildo

Realistic flesh toned dildos help to sell the fantasy! While colorful dildos are certainly a lot of fun too, realistic dildo toys can give the immersive element for your fans when they’re watching the show. There are also fun ways that you can position your webcam to create a more “realistic POV” style in your webcam shows which the fans will love! You can definitely grab yourself some lower end “cheap” flesh toned dildos from Amazon but if you opt for these make sure that you use a condom with it if the material isn’t listed or isn’t medical grade silicone. Try to avoid using toys (without a condom) that are made of PVC or various plastic, as some of these materials can be porous and harbor bacteria.

An Interactive Sex Toy

Interactive / long distance sex toys can help bridge the lack of physical touch in a cam show by letting fans stimulate you directly with a toy that will react to tips or with a control link. There are quite a few toys that claim to be interactive but the two companies that have definitely headlined the interactive tech for sex toys are Kiiroo and Lovense. When you browse a cam site you’ll probably see the iconic dongle sticking out of panties in half of the thumbnails and that’s because interactive sex toy tech is in high demand on webcam. The most common models of toys used tends to be the Lush or Esca style toys which is an insertable egg shape with a long antenna that stays out of you to connect and send signal to the toy, but there are plenty of other interactive toys that you can grab to make your shows more interactive! There are even tip activated nipple clamps, isn’t that crazy?

Something Unique

While it’s not necessary to have a unique sex toy, having something that’s cute and memorable can add a fun element to your shows that will make customers remember you! It can be something simple like a dildo with a fun theme or something more extensive like a custom paddle. Having unique parts of your show will make you stick in customers minds long-term and provides you with the opportunity to have something fun or silly associated with your brand!

Something “Special”

Having a sex toy that is considered a bit more “intense” than your standard toys that you can charge a premium for is a great idea! You don’t necessarily have to have this special toy right off the bat when you start camming but as you get to know yourself and your boundaries better, you’ll probably find some interests that appeal to you but only at a higher pay rate! A common “special” toy can be something anal related like butt plugs if you don’t do anal often or it can be something super intense like a sex machine!

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