Webcam Sites Hiring Models

If you’re looking to get started as a cam model then you want to make sure you pick a site that will work for your personality, vibe, and tech setup! Here are some of the most popular websites that are currently hiring webcam models.

Chaturbate is an adult webcam site widely recognized across the web. The site is the number one website in camming with the most monthly visitors in all of the cam space. There are a wide variety of models who have found success on the platform due to it’s user friendly features and ease of use for models and fans alike. 

  • Payout Percentage: 50%
  • Genders: Female, Male, Trans, Non-Binary
  • Payout Frequency: Same Day Available, Otherwise Bi-Weekly
  • Show Types: Token Based Public, Privates Optional
  • Referral Program: Yes (20% on Customer Spending, $50 on Referred Models)

Streamate is one of the most frequently visited webcam sites for private based shows. The site specializes in providing a more intimate experience to viewers and provides features that most other sites don’t offer like cam to cam and phone sex through an encrypted line. 

  • Payout Percentage: 35%
  • Genders: Female, Male, Trans, Non-Binary
  • Payout Frequency: Weekly
  • Show Types: One-on-One Exclusive Shows, Group “Premium” Shows
  • Referral Program: Yes (20% of customer spending on other performers, 40% on you)

Stripchat is very popular for it’s freemium style webcams where models can engage in live shows for a large audience or more privately in one-on-one shows. 

  • Payout Percentage: 50%
  • Genders: Female, Male, Trans, Non-Binary
  • Payout Frequency: Weekly
  • Show Types: Token Based, Privates Optional
  • Referral Program: Yes (20% of customer spending, $75 per model)

Fanclubs with Integrated Webcam Shows

Looking to do more than just stream? Picking a fanclub website with integrated webcam options where you can charge fans subscription fees for content and offer cam shows at your discretion can be a great method for earning income camming with the benefit of added privacy with subscriber only streams. This method does require more marketing on social media but it can still be very profitable!

  • Camming Type: Public or Subscriber Only
  • Payout Percentage: 80%
  • Genders: Female, Male, Trans, Non-Binary
  • Payout Frequency: Bi-weekly
  • Referral Program: Yes
  • Camming Type: Subscriber Only
  • Payout Percentage: 80%
  • Genders: Female, Male, Trans, Non-Binary
  • Payout Frequency: On Demand (Minimum $20)
  • Referral Program: Yes (for Models)
  • Camming Type: Public or Subscriber Only
  • Payout Percentage: 81%
  • Genders: Female, Male, Trans, Non-Binary
  • Payout Frequency: Bi-weekly
  • Referral Program: Yes (for Models)

Getting Started as a Webcam Model

Working as a webcam model can give you amazing flexibility and the opportunity to work at times that are convenient for you. You can work overtime without making a request and you can change your hours and schedule as needed! Being an online adult entertainer gives you the freedom to express your creativity and individuality while working towards a flourishing career where you can make thousands of dollars a month if you remain consistent! Here are our suggestions for having a successful adult industry career as a webcam model.

Setting a Schedule 

Creating a schedule for camming and sticking to the schedule is an integral part of your success as a webcam model especially while you still have the new model tag on your preferred website; your websites FAQ should contain some information about the duration of that tag. Typically new model tags are 1 week to 1 month. You will be creating new relationships with customers that can develop into them becoming returning customers and by having a schedule that you advertise on social media and via any messaging system available on your preferred webcam site then your customers can anticipate when you will be available for shows and they’ll be able to spend money on you. We recommend working 4 or 5 days a week and camming for a minimum of 3 hours per shift to ensure you’re maximizing your income potential! 

Deciding on Your Rates 

Picking what you will be charging per minute for private shows if that is an option on your preferred webcam site can be tricky as a newer model but we are here to help! When you decide on your rates you should keep in mind that even though you’re new if you are streaming in high quality HD with fast internet and good frames then you should be charging what is fair to you for maintaining that high quality. Good starter rates while you learn how the website works tend to be around $2/$3 per minute (this would be around 50 tokens per minute on most websites.) Making your rates too high right off the bat can result in less earnings (if you do so without establishing a fan base first) but once you become comfortable with streaming and get to know your specialties then you can always increase your rates to a more comfortable amount.

Creating Rules for Your Cam Room 

Understanding how camming works can help you establish some helpful rules for your cam room and keep things flowing smoothly. You can charge for things like outfit changes, cam to cam, and even standing up by asking for additional tips! Creating a stable set of rules that always applies while you’re on cam and listing important ones in your profile will help to avoid confusion and allow your customers to clearly understand what is expected of them in your stream, additionally if you receive a negative rating for something clearly listed on your profile like: “I don’t use dildos” or “I won’t use an interactive vibrator without an additional tip” then you can dispute the rating. 

Setting up Your Profile 

Having a completed and thorough profile is a great way to attract new customers! Rather than writing one or two sentences, really push those character limits and tell the world who YOU are! Make sure to use plenty of adjectives and consider talking in 3rd person for the search engine value. Rather than “I love to strip” try “(Your Username) loves stripping down out of lingerie and getting naughty.” By using lots of keywords you’re more likely to attract customers searching for those search terms and more likely to match searches for your username when talking in 3rd person!

Maintaining a Good Quality Stream 

Maintaining a good quality stream will help you consistently place well on the homepage and lead to more viewers. Good quality streams should always be in HD, your frames should consistently be at 30 or above, and your connection should always be consistent. In order to achieve these things, you’ll more than likely need to hardwire your computer to your router with a good quality ethernet cable. This will provide you with the fastest speeds and priority use of your internet bandwidth so you can stream in the best quality possible. 

Marketing to Find Fans

You’ll need to do some form of marketing to attract more fans to your stream if you aren’t on a website that already provides you with traffic but even if the website does provide traffic; it never hurts to bring in more fans and followers from social media especially if you’re using a camming website that offers a referral program!

Learn more about marketing:   Marketing as a Camgirl, Webcam Model, or Adult Content Creator

Researching Fetishes and Niches 

Getting to know a little more about the kind of services you’d like to provide and researching them will help you open yourself up to a larger client base and hone your craft which will give you the confidence to increase your rates as you continue camming! If you’re online and hear a fetish or niche you aren’t familiar with then consider adding it to a list to research and try! If the demand for a niche or fetish is there then researching it and adding it to your potential show inventory can open you up to a large paying market. 

Some basic fetishes you should probably know about when you get started camming include: 

JOI (Jerk Off Instruction): give instructions about how to achieve orgasm with indiciations of how you want them to physically do it. 

JOE (Jerk Off Encouragement): encourage them to achieve orgasm with sexy talk, positive reactions, and sometimes paired with JOI. 

GFE (Girlfriend Experience): act like the loving partner of the viewer while participating in the show, usually pairs well with pet names like “babe” or “baby,” sometimes roleplay is involved. 

SPH (Small Penis Humiliation): the user wants you to humiliate the size of their penis, these shows can include sexual acts or sometimes it is just talking dependent on the clients wishes. 

Roleplay: the act of pretending to be another person or in a certain scenario. 

CEI (Cum Eating Instruction): the viewer wants to be told to eat their cum and prompted with a command of how to ingest it typically. 

Sissification: the viewer wants you to encourage them to dress like or act like a girl, sometimes they also desire to be instructed to do female sex acts or have their male parts be described as female parts instead. 

Developing a Regular Customer Base 

Developing a regular customer base will result in more earnings for you in the long run because your regular customers will visit consistently while you’ll also continue to connect with new customers while on cam. By developing a regular customer base you’ll have a better idea of what income you can expect to make per week to be and can better plan for your budget, of course regulars come and go so don’t expect the income from one individual to supplement a majority of your income, but using it as a base idea can help you make smarter decisions about big purchases and knowing what you can afford! 

Staying Consistent Pays Off

The biggest key to becoming successful on webcam is remaining consistent! This means working consistent times, hours, and days. While experimenting with the times you cam will be integral while getting started once you figure out what time works best for your schedule, you have to stick to that and be consistent with it! You should also consistently cam for a specific time slot as often as you can so clients can know when to expect you.

Remember to Set Aside Taxes

Working from home means you are now self employed and you need to set aside taxes as they are no longer taken out directly from your pay. You should anticipate making quarterly tax payments if you expect to owe more than $3,000 in taxes at the end of the year. Most performers find setting aside 25%-30% to be the standard in setting aside taxes but we recommend consulting a tax professional for more specific advice based on where you live. 

Developing Your Persona 

Developing your cam persona is an important part of establishing your brand as a cam model! Your cam persona may end up just being you but with a different name or you may decide to live out some fun fantasies while on cam that are more adventurous than you are in real life. Either way, having a consistent and reliable persona helps keep customers coming back and converts them into regulars. When consumers are looking for someone to spend on, they like stress free performers that help them indulge in their fantasy and provide an experience that they can consistently anticipate to be good! When you go out to eat and get really good food but then go back another time and it’s really bad, you’re less likely to go back to that restaurant in the future… it’s a similar concept! 

When you’re deciding who you will be on cam, you should also consider the search value you will bring to the table! This includes things like picking a good name that’s not already being used (especially not being used in the porn industry already) and doing your research on performers that offer similar services to you and what their price points are and how they’re advertising themselves! 

Recruiting Friends and Earning from Referrals

If you fall in love with camming you may want to recommend it to your friends, make sure you benefit from this by using your referral link to recruit your friends if it is available on your webcam site. You can typically find referral information within your settings or somewhere on your performer dashboard. There are some websites that don’t have referral programs for models or customers but you can use something like FansRevenue to still earn from customer referrals on some websites.

Products to Consider Buying

When you’re getting started on cam you really don’t need much more than high speed internet, a computer, and a webcam! Once you’ve started earning on cam though it may be time to compliment your shows with some products to improve your ability to provide more show types. 

Interactive Vibrator 

An interactive vibrator allows fans to make your toy vibrate with tips which can be great for use in public chat or private chat. A lot of fans enjoy having the personal control over your pleasure and you can make a lot of additional income by offering this opportunity to customers.   Lovense products are integrated with most websites and Kiiroo also offers a wide selection of interactive toys that can be activated through FeelPerformer integration.

Good Quality Dildo

If you will be utilizing dildos in your shows it pays to have a good high quality dildo that won’t irritate your skin, won’t corrode over time, and will last for a decent amount of time! Avoid jelly dildos as they tend to corrode as they are porous and retain bacteria. If you’ll be using any jelly toys make sure to put a condom on them for your safety! 


If your butt is a big part of your brand then a whip or paddle is a good way to make some additional income by charging for spanks but you can also utilize it in private shows as well. 


If you’ll be using any toys, you should use lube! Using lube will help you avoid any irritation or pain caused by friction and when you’re very busy on cam you may find yourself using toys on and off frequently so having the additional lubrication really comes in handy! 

Regular Vibrator

Some customers really love just watching you enjoy yourself and love to watch you get off with a vibrator! Wand vibrators are super handy for clit stimulation shows and are just nifty for using a toy when you don’t feel like doing any intense penetration. 

Upgraded Lighting

Upgrading your lighting can help liven up your stream and increase the overall quality of it while you’re live and also for any recordings you may take and use later! While most people consider a ring light to be a staple of camming, there are plenty of other lighting setups that can actually be cheaper and less straining for your eyes. Softboxes are a fantastic option and run fairly cheap, paired with an umbrella light or 2 and you can have a very well illuminated stream with less strain on your eyes! Ring lights paired with softboxes or umbrellas are also a great idea, some performers also put up LED strips in their camming space to add mood lighting. Having some form of mood lighting behind you as well can help to illuminate the entire space and eliminate shadows which is why you’ll see many cam performers with “fairy string lights” behind them or various light up props. 

Background Props / Decorations 

Decorating the space you cam in will help liven it up for not only the customers but for you! You want your cam space to be somewhere that you want to spend your time so having pretty lighting, good smelling candles, and other mood brightening things in the area can help keep you on cam longer. You can also put your cam username onto various props to help watermark your stream inconspicuously; some performers create custom throw pillow cases with their cam name, or you can get a whiteboard/feltboard, or a neon sign! 

External Microphone

Built in microphones on your webcam are not always the best quality and depending on where you situate your webcam you may sometimes sound far away, an external microphone is a fantastic solution to this! External microphones create a closer experience with the customer where your voice is more clear and life-like and improves the overall quality and experience that consumers have in your cam room. External microphones are a must have if you provide a lot of sound oriented shows like JOI shows, ASMR, whispering, or moaning. 

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