Have you been having trouble figuring out who you want your online persona to be? How you want to be perceived? Or what you want to convey in your brand? It can be tricky when you’re starting off a career in digital media. You have to be specific about figuring out the person you want to be because once you do, it is important to be consistent with that persona. This can seem like a difficult task, but if you follow these tips you will create your brand with ease and gain the success you deserve.

Figuring out Your Persona

The first necessary step in creating your digital brand is deciding who you want to be online! Create your personality. You can be a gamer, college student, nerd, e-girl, domme, etc. Having different quirks in your personality will help you stand out and be remembered by your audience. Take your time in finding out what seems to flow with you and your own personality. This will be your brand so make sure it is something you are comfortable sticking to!

Making Your Bio

Creating your bio on various platforms is an important part of your brand. This is your opportunity to show your audience who you are. Mention your interests along with promoting yourself. Be short, concise and to the point. Take your time with creating this, as it is the first thing people will see when they go on to any of your pages. If you decide to go with a specific niche for your brand, your bio is a great place to add in detail about the person you are.

Create Content

Creating content is one of the most crucial steps of having a consistent digital brand. When you are creating content try to create it around your online persona. Do photosets and videos that speak to your brand. You have a great opportunity in the beginning of creating your brand to play around and test different content strategies. See what is speaking to your audience and follow what is working. Follow which of your posts are getting the most interaction. Observe what you’re doing, saying, the times you’re posting and what platform you are gaining the most traction on. Schedule posts with photos, videos and captions that align with your online personality.

Play It Up

Once you choose who you are going to be online, play it up! The best way to create a personality or brand online is to be DRAMATIC about it! Play up who you are, SELL YOURSELF. Utilize your brand in every piece of content you put out! This may feel awkward at first but the more you do it the more you will get the hang of it. And the more you truly feel good about your online persona, the easier it will be to carry through that personality with everything you do. If you’re having trouble finding your groove, take a look at other online personalities that you admire and see how they are able to carry their consistency. You will find that the people who typically have large followings and viral posts, are extremely consistent in their brand and very good at incorporating their personality into everything they do!

Stay Consistent

Once you have created your digital persona, it is important to keep your brand strong. Stay consistent with posting and put a piece of your personality within every single thing you produce! Consistency is known to pay off immensely on social media platforms, algorithms are always in favor of accounts who are very active on their pages. People are attracted to your presence, but your personality will draw them in!

Creating your Online Brand can seem a lot more nerve-racking than it really is. If you’re able to follow these steps when doing so, you will put yourself in a position for massive growth and success on your social media platforms. Most importantly, this is your brand, have fun with it and watch the incredible things you’re capable of come to life!

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Ashley Nicole is an experienced Social Media Manager who has been using her talents in the adult industry for the past 4 years. She is currently one of the managers of IGF Studios where she assists in Model Training and Media Management. Ashley hopes to continue to help models achieve growth and success through Social Media.

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