Did you know that X is one of the most sex-worker friendly social media platforms that currently exists? There are many platforms available to us when we are promoting ourselves online, but X is one of the safest ones to use as a sex worker that can also help you grow your brand! Follow these simple yet effective steps when you are creating your profile on X.

Setting up your Twitter

Your Twitter can be SFW or NSFW, either can work! If you have a NSFW account make sure you go into your settings and enable everything to be shown to the right audience.This is a crucial step because if your settings are incorrect, your posts may be flagged or not shown to the correct audience.

Setting Up Your Bio

Your bio is the first thing people are going to see when they head to your page. Make sure it is clean, catchy and to the point. This is a great opportunity to show your personality off and grab your viewer’s attention. The most important thing to have in your bio is links to where people can find you! Make sure you are using a link site that includes all of the links available to access you. It is essential to have this in your bio so your audience knows where they can find you.

What to Tweet

The most important thing to do on X is to stay active. Having 3-4 tweets a day at least is helpful. Your tweets can range from thirst traps, personality tweets, questions and promotion. Try to keep it mixed up so your page looks interesting and organic. Using a scheduler will help you maintain the consistency of posting. You can use a scheduler through the X platform or use an external one like Later.com. And make sure to let your personality shine through your tweets, you will find that your audience will grow a lot quicker if they can tell your posts are organic and authentic!


Trying to gain followers when you are first starting off can be one of the trickiest things to figure out. One of the best ways to gain an audience is to interact with threads. Threads are all over X and being viewed by many people daily. In our industry, they are used as a great tool to help models promote themselves and their pages. You can promote yourself to tens of thousands of people within minutes! When searching for threads search your key word followed by “thread min_faves:200”. There are tons of new threads being posted daily and if you’re able to participate in just a few each day, you will watch your following grow. Just be mindful to pay attention to each thread’s requirements and stay within the rules of X!

Interact with Your Peers

Interaction and engagement is a huge part of gaining organic growth on your platform. One of the best parts about this industry is being able to collaborate with fellow sex workers and do things like shoutout for shoutouts. This is a super easy and helpful way to get introduced to new, similar audiences to yours and also make new friends in the industry! Make sure you’re also interacting with fans, within your comfort, to increase engagement on your own page. Interact under viral tweets and join conversations, you will be surprised how much you can get out of putting yourself out there!

As overwhelming as it can seem, creating your platform on X isn’t as scary as it looks. If you follow these five steps, you will set yourself and your brand up for success.

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Ashley Nicole is an experienced Social Media Manager who has been using her talents in the adult industry for the past 4 years. She is currently one of the managers of IGF Studios where she assists in Model Training and Media Management. Ashley hopes to continue to help models achieve growth and success through Social Media.

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