We deal with many clients who take us private and are trying to get it over with as soon as possible to save money, but what do you do when someone expresses the intention to keep you for 30, 45, or even an hour, and you have no idea how to pass the time? You cannot sit there touching yourself for an entire hour without experiencing intense boredom. This blog post will help you develop ideas on how to make the most of your time so that you can keep earning!

Start By Asking What Kind of Show They’d Like

Ask clients what type of show they’d like to do before you enter a private chat so that you can decide if it is something you are comfortable with doing, and then get more in-depth on what they like once you are private. Once private, discussing interests can pass the time, but I don’t usually let it extend past 5 minutes unless the conversation naturally leads to us talking about their kinks for longer.

How to ask:

  • “What are you in the mood for, babe?”
  • “What do you want to see first?”
  • “What kind of show do you want to do?”
  • “What do you usually do for fun on here?”
  • “How can I make you feel good right now?”

Remember! It is okay if you are in private with someone and after asking further questions, you realize that you don’t want to do the kind of show they want. You can politely tell them that you do not participate in those specific kinks and are willing to do something else. For example: “I’m not doing any penetration tonight, but I would love to use my mouth for you.” Maintaining your boundaries is essential always!

Learn details about your clients

If this client is a regular, long private show like this, it will be easier because you already have a rapport with them. Most cam sites have a “notes” section when you click on members’ names, and utilizing this can lead to higher earnings! Use this to add their real names, interests, and specific kinks. For example, One of my biggest tippers loves it when I wear glasses; when he told me this, I added it to his notes, and now, when we go private, I put them on, generating higher earnings!

Small talk is critical. MASTER IT!

Use the “Ford Method.” It’s silly but good to keep in mind.


  • • F is for Family. Everyone has a Family. You can ask where he’s from. If you feel that the question is too personal, an alternative to this is to ask what their favorite place they’ve ever traveled to is. 


  • O is for occupation. Some clients may not want to discuss what they do for work, and honestly, this can be a big turnoff to a client with whom you have yet to have a prior engagement. Some clients LOVE talking about their jobs, so feel it out and pivot if you feel that they don’t want to discuss it.  


  • R is for recreation. What does he do in his free time to relax? What kind of music does he like? Does he have pets? Who are his favorite sports teams? This category is the one that they usually enjoy talking about the most!


  • D is for dreams. Ask about his goals for the new year, including travel plans, plans for the weekend, birthday plans, etc. Get him chatting about things he is excited about or looking forward to. 

You Don’t Need to Rush! Be a Tease!

Another webcam online model said, “Some viewers are straight-to-the-point, and some want to talk to you for a half hour before you even take off a piece of clothing. There’s a balance to be sure on who controls the pace (you vs. the viewer), but if you’re on a platform that’s geared towards 1:1’s like Streamate, or you’re not actively engaged with a room that’s throwing coin left, right, and center, don’t be afraid of easing into action, especially if it helps you feel more comfortable.”

Try to keep the casual conversation and teasing going for as long as possible without making the client feel like you are avoiding getting to the sexy activities. Many times, the client will be excited and lost in conversation. This is a good thing! Being a conversationalist is an essential part of being a webcam model and will ensure that you create a bond with your viewers.

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Enjoyed this post? Here is a bit about the author.

Lydia Love has been performing as a webcam model since January 2016, and in June 2022 she created IGF Studios, which aims to help webcam performers excel in their careers. She has been nominated for many adult industry awards during her time in the industry, further elevating her brand within the industry. Lydia enjoys sharing the knowledge and expertise that she has garnered over her 8 years in the industry with models from all over the world.

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